The New Economics: A Bigger Picture

大衛·波義耳 David Boyle
新經濟學:更廣闊的世界(The New Economics: A Bigger Picture)簡介:

Economics sometimes seems to be stacked against social, environmental and individual well-being. But it doesn't have to be like this. A new approach to economics — deriving as much from Ruskin and Schumacher as from Keynes or Smith — has begun to emerge. Skeptical about money as a measure of success, this new economics turns our assumptions about wealth and poverty upside down. It shows us that real wealth can be measured by increased well-being and environmental sustainability rather than just having and consuming more things.

This book is the first accessible and straightforward guide to the new economics. It describes the problems and bizarre contradictions in conventional economics as well as the principles of the emerging new economics, and it tells the real-world stories of how new economics is being successfully put into practice around the world. An essential guide to understanding new economics for all those who care about making economics work for people and planet.



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  • 新經濟學:更廣闊的世界 The New Economics: A Bigger Picture